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Welcome to the ‘Hokus Pokus Haken’ website. My name is Vera, a Dutch student in mechanical engineering. Since I’m Dutch I have a .nl website with a Dutch title. However in my study I also have to communicate in English. By reading this, you could understand: English is so NOT one of my strengths. If you possibly do not believe that, writing this blogpost is a real struggle compare to write a Dutch one.

Now I could write a lot about the strength, weakness, brittle and tough. So anyway, this is a website about my hobby crochet, translated ‘Hokus Pokus Haken’ means ‘Hocus Pocus Crochet’. Still I didn’t say that was hard to translate. For the English-Dutch bilingual readers: I know ‘Hocus Pocus Haken’ is even more Dutch than my way. But chill out … the website is mine. Feel free to leave it.

All right Vera, that wasn’t chill, and for sure not friendly!

Sometimes I have to discipline myself with some firm words. Above all when you combine studying, with a blog and a household. It’s only me and my boyfriend for now, but the dishes has to be done. To force myself into writing some English once in a while, and train my English writing, I made this part of ‘Hokus Pokus Haken’. Clearly it’s not a one on one translation of the Dutch website. Nevertheless I will try to write at least the crochetpatterns in both languages. Just for the non-Dutch crochet lovers, who like my patterns. I publish the patterns under a creative commons licence. All information about that you will find in this link. For short: you’re allowed to make my patterns and change them somehow a little bit, but never make money with it and please mention your origional idea came from www.hokuspokushaken.nl.

I like to crochet things like clothes for myself, like cardigans, dresses and shirts. Since we moved last summer I also want to make some furnising for our house. So most of my creations are quite big projects. Those will take some time to make. Since I can only crochet in the evenings, sudying remember, it wil take abouth at least a month (or two) to finish one. Thats why for now there are no patterns at the website. When finished, the English links will be added to this post.

For now I wish you some good crochet time. My patterns wil be written with the English abbreviations. For example You can learn the crochet-grammar and the basic stitches on youtube. I think Bella Coco is a nice chanel to learn this. She helped me a lot in the beginning of my crochet-life. Thank you.

At last, you may follow me on facebook or instagram, to keep up with new posts and projects.


Alle bollen in de lucht houden

Pfffft… het is al februari, maar het voelt alsof 2018 nog maar net is begonnen. Wat een drukte allemaal weer na de kerstvakantie! Gelukkig ben ik wel weer aan het haken, wat goed helpt bij het ont-stressen. Verder heb ik alle voorbereidingen getroffen om de website volledig te verhuizen, wat betekent dat de wordpress website zondag 11 februari definitief gaat sluiten. Dan komt ook het patroon van het grijze woonkussen ‘Kasteelmuur’ hier online.


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Aan het haken ….

bloggen en haken gaat niet tegelijk

Deze site is nog behoorlijk leeg. Dat komt omdat ik nog druk aan het haken ben. Pak ondertussen zelf een kopje thee/koffie/cola/limonade en ga aan de slag om je eigen creatie te toveren!

Bloggen en haken gaat niet tegelijk šŸ™

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